About us

"Royal Frames" Ltd. is a enterprise established by the well-known Latvian Chamber of Crafts master craftsman of woodcarving - Juris Bondars. The company's year of birth is 2014, but the master of experience in this field goes to 35 year long history.

We specialize in luxurious and classic carvings, mostly mirrors and picture frames, developing and creating models. Each frame is carefully processed by hand, giving it special value. There are different final finishes - etching, lacquering, waxing, varnishing, polishing, gilding etc. We also offer designing models as your own decorative interior design element as well as the production of this element..

In a way, it's a dream come true - the possibility to produce these sorts of products with the help of modern "smart" technologies, at the same time not destroying their individuality and uniqueness. We are glad to cooperate and offer our products for both individuals and interior designers and companies.

We appreciate and are influenced from what the masters have already done in the past. We believe that ornate carvings still fit into the modern minimalist interiors as an attractive element.

We are characterized by the responsibility for what we’ve made and done. We strive for excellent product quality.